is a new personal project about music and performing arts. 

Original arrangements for piano, drum, electric bass, electronic winds and everything in between.

Consciously composed notes and physically performed strokes with customized instruments and timbres.

(no ready-made loops, no music libraries layering, no rhythm presets).

davidloom.net  /  personal  /  DPO (Deceptive Pet Orchestra)


The pilcrow plan - part 1 (2012)

Visual performance for a polifunctional hall.

36 photo prints cm 30 x 30, original score for piano, drum and animatronic sculpture.

Loop 7’

diorama (2013)

A fully handcrafted hyperkinetic toy-film multivision.

Real objects in various locations, original soundtrack, 8mm film cartriges.

Loop 4’ 20’’

related artworks

Twin phantasmagoria (2009)

Deceptive visual journey purposely devolped

for ONIRONIC™ the full electromagnetic dual-diorama device.

Loop 10’ + Loop 10’

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