Unknown neighbor - series

David Loom, 2012

A double-layer viewing experience.

Handframed double-sided photo paper on mirror and cardboard, white wood frames.

Static views

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A first photo artwork based on a personal research about viewer’s double-layer viewing experience. There is only one simple rule for taking all the photos: try to take orthogonal pitctures via as many unusual perspectives as possible from one singles spot.

In the exhibition, this work rapresents three different displays of the photos:

on the wall, on the floor and hanging from the ceiling.

Therefore, the viewers have to look at the artwork in three different ways:

being close in front of it - going around it - sitting on the floor to look inside of it.

The audience may experience a mind of exploring and find one’s specific viewing point

just like living in the neighbourhood surrounded by “yards” and looking out from one’s back yard window.

Unknown neighbor - scenery series is a commissioned artwork for the show YARD

curated by Ming-Jiun Tsai at Tunghai University Art Gallery, Taipei

Concept, photography, manufacturing David Loom

Logistic assistance Massimiliano Borghesi

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Demonstrative video

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