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Additions and subtractions (2007)

Visual compositing for 6 screens and 2 sound fonts (front and rear).

Light wood, black rubber paint, 6 LCD screens.

Loop 7’

The Marshmemory fluff (2008)

Visual installation for white wall room.

Synthetic fur, various materials, DLP projection.

Loop 7’

DL tv (2008)

Disturbed film broadcasting for vintage television.

Surreal radiofrequency emissions, old tv set.

Loop 1’ 30’’

LumoBales experiment 0 (2009)

Visual installation for light and 6 straw bales on the river bank.

DLP anamorphic projection.

Loop 2’

INAV (2006)

Micro visual installation for a wall shelf

Glass dome, bakelite, candle, animatronic device, cm 15 x 15 x 20.

Loop 5’

Thin ceiling (2010)

Site specific visual installation for white ceiling room.

Wood, white rubber paint, double DLP anamorphic projection.

Variable loop (open work)

Twin phantasmagoria (2009)

Deceptive visual journey purposely devolped

for ONIRONIC™ the full electromagnetic dual-diorama device.

Loop 10’ + Loop 10’

LumoChurch experiment 0 (2010)

Immersive visual installation for an empty dark church.

Music, light, VAMP (Variable Anamorphic Mirroring Projection).

Loop 7’

Revolve (2011)

A musive artwork’s translation (David Loom vs Arianna Gallo).

LAD (Lightbox Animatronic Display), cm 40 x 40 x 7.

Loop 1’ 30’’

Label hint (2010)

Shifting visual installation for a dark gangway.

Darkness, multiple LAD (Lightbox Animatronic Display)

Variables loops

+44° 22' 31.30", +11° 56' 00.30" (2011)

Low repetition visual performance for an under-construction house.

Light in motion, original music, sounds.

Loop 7’ (sliced by pauses of variable duration)

Frame (2012)

Circumnavigable visual installation for a black room.

Handcrafted PVC, charcoal, double anamorphic projection, darkness.

Loop 14’

The pilcrow plan - part 1 (2012)

Visual performance for a polifunctional hall.

36 photo prints cm 30 x 30, original score for piano, drum and animatronic sculpture.

Loop 7’

Unknown neighbor - series (2012)

A double-layer viewing experience.

Handframed double-sided photo paper on mirror and cardboard, white wood frames.

Static views

diorama (2013)

A fully handcrafted hyperkinetic toy-film multivision.

Real objects in various locations, original soundtrack, 8mm film cartriges.

Loop 4’ 20’’

Loud landing (2013)

Analog live performance prototype.

Original music, handcrafted devices, straw rotobales, light, anamorphic DLP projection.

Live performance 60’

Kinematictriptych (2013)

Immersive visual installation for a circular room.

100 original microfilms, light, VAMP (Variable Anamorphic Mirroring Projection).

Loop 17’

2:2 (2009)

A multilayer diptych experience.

2 twin-layer LAD (Lightbox Animatronic Display), cm 19,5 x 14,5 x 7.

Loop 1' 30''

2:4:6 (2011)

2 characters, 4 handcrafted micro slide projectors, 6 handcrafted screens.

LAD (Lightbox Animatronic Display), cm 52 x 17,5 x 10,5.

Loop 1’ 30’’

6:6 (2009)

6 characters, 6 sight choreographies.

LAD (Lightbox Animatronic Display), cm 62,5 x 20 x 3.

Loop 1’ 30’’

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Degrees° (2015)

Site-specific visual performance for a river bank.

Animatronic wood structures, light in motion.

Variable loop