The Marshmemory fluff

David Loom, 2008

Visual installation for white wall room.

Synthetic fur, various materials, DLP projection.

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Eyes shut, the past always comes out from the dark.

The Marshmemory fluff is a downy aquarium where floating visions make a sediment,

a kind of memory’s soft cupboard, a private pot filled with pickled memories.

Visible edges of thoughts, borders of a bulky and inextricable mnemonic skein.

By an imaginary port-hole you can see the cycling, visceral oblivion of this imaginative agglomerate, sometimes decipherable, sometimes not, soaked in the liquid darkness from which everything emerges and sinks composedly.

An evocative motion of organic streams in hypnotic cadence.

Amplified vision of a secret and multiform hydro cultivation,

that can affectionately trap past and present ties,

thick constructions created by the natural stratification of memory.

Anyway, in the long run, it is really unbecoming not to take care

of your own downy, secret shelter of stagnant watery memories.

Concept, production, visual design and sound David Loom

WaterCAM™device David Loom

Promotion NekoLaboratoires™

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