LumoChurch experiment 0

David Loom, 2010

Immersive visual installation for an empty dark church.

Music, light, VAMP (Variable Anamorphic Mirroring Projection)

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The Pio Suffrage’s Church in the heart of Fusignano (a small town near Ravenna)

was built on a land once the scene of local cruent feud fights.

Today the devoted building is exclusively dedicated to the celebration of special commemorative occasions and with its valuable baroque architecture represents

for the whole community The Temple of the Fallen in all conflicts.

Hence the idea of an immersive visual site-specific installation that resume the idea

of conflict, extending it to a wider and articulated imagery, able to evoke and transcend

by light and sound into new visual suggestions, subjectively interpretable.

Redesigned Icons and symbols refer the universal theme of sign conflict,

religion and human conflict or mere mean conflict.

Sacred and profane – choreographed together, decontextualized beyond

any irreverent combination – live for seven minutes in a bright mechanic carillon,

evoking incorrect significations, significantly errant.

VAMP (Variable Anamorphic Mirroring Projection)

is a device designed and built by David Loom @ NekoLaboratoires

Concept, visual design, sound and staging David Loom

Logistic assistance Massimiliano Borghesi

Promotion NekoLaboratoires™

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