Thin ceiling

David Loom, 2010

Site specific visual installation for white ceiling room.

Wood, white rubber paint, double DLP anamorphic projection.

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As artist, I’m always researching for an ideal and personal dioramic vision of reality.

Not an objective reality, but a likely restatement of it.

I've built a small Urban Wishing Well and I started the Urban Wishing Well Tour,

collecting people’s thoughts and wishes in the cities of Berlin, London, Bologna..

One dogma only: the point of view had to be permanently orthogonal to the sky,

escaping the common frontal view, typical of people who rarely looks up,

as if doing so would delay their journey.

This unusual and sometimes problematic urban collecting action originated Thin ceiling,

a double temporal tunnel, a bi-directional flow generated by the intertwining of glances

temporally distant (past - present) and spatially opposed (above - below).

Only an ideal thin membrane separates the viewer from the outside observer,

both not fully aware of their dual role (watching - being watched).

Thin ceiling is a commissioned artwork for the show Mirror, mirror on the wall

curated by Ming-Jiun Tsai at TAMTAM 8 © Taiwan

Weichselstraße 8, Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany

The Urban Wishing Well and Thin ceiling box are devices

designed and built by David Loom @ NekoLaboratoires™

Concept and global production David Loom

On-site locations assistance Paul Leeny

Logistic facilities Massimiliano Borghesi

Promotion NekoLaboratoires™

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