Additions and subtractions

David Loom, 2007

Visual compositing for 6 screens and 2 sound fonts (front and rear).

Light wood, black rubber paint, 6 LCD screens.

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Evocative production dedicated to the historical ANIC village in Ravenna.

This small district is a memorable example of functional, economic and social addition

for Ravenna, because of the stories of many workers’ families that lived there;

but it is also a reason of emotional and existential subtractions,

a reason of great sadness and malaise.

Many families left their roots and their hometowns, changing their lifestyle,

adding and subtracting habits, experiences and traditions.

However, they also found opportunities and strength to find new roads,

walking on new resulting ways of life.

Life itself, so complicated and unexpected,

it’s just a generous addition

followed by an unavoidable subtraction.

A very elementary analysis, but true as it is simple.

Concept, production, visual design and sound David Loom

Locations and camera David Loom

Production assistant Massimiliano Borghesi

Thanks for memories and kind support Walter Paolucci, Luigi Dadina, Franco and Dea

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