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Foleymandala (July 2014)

Matteo Scaioli and David Loom, featuring Claudio Coccoluto

A visionary music opera fully live premiered at 25° Ravenna Festival,

conceived by Matteo Scaioli and David Loom.

Produced by Ravenna Festival, NekoLaboratoires™.

Original music composed and live performed by Matteo Scaioli featuring Claudio Coccoluto

Live visual design and original film shooting David Loom

Promotion NekoLaboratoires™

Human weakness - 4 digital paintings (2008)

I'm not a bad guy, I'm not a cinic provocator,

I'm only trying to be objective in a different way.

I would like to coherently analyze different and extreme points of view

not worrying about the consequences.

In art we usually catch a perception mix between

what we have and what we think to have in front our eyes.

It's interesting to observe how few details lead the vision

toward conventional icons even when these are not explicitly represented.

Concept, visual design and digital painting David Loom

Promotion NekoLaboratoires™

Fies Factory lights (2008)

This is my first white light shapes brainstorming

for an old hidroelectrical central facade.

It involves some visual elements (real donuts) that leads

to the promotion materials used for the Fies Factory One event.

Exterior visual design and sound editing David Loom

Promotion NekoLaboratoires™

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My first one minute (2006)

Additions and subtractions (Winner Fake Factory 2006 @ Videominuto Festival)

has been my first short duration video composition (one minute).

This job has successively inspired the 2007 creation of the homonymous

and more articulated project Additions and subtractions (see details on Artworks).

What it seems,

    it's not.

What it’s now,

    couldn’t be anymore.

Production, visual design and sound David Loom

Text and voice Marco Sabatino

Promotion NekoLaboratoires™

Love in July - Sally Shapiro, My Guilty Pleasure (2009)

My first integrated music videoclip production, no 3D software used,

fully composed and animated with real materials (plastilina clay)

and digital paintings techniques (view the making-of images gallery).

Concept, screenplay and video production David Loom & Paul Leeny

Promotion NekoLaboratoires™

Music production Sally Shapiro (vocals), Johan Agebjörn (computer and synths)

Music labels Permanent Vacation (Munich), Paper Bag Records (Toronto),

Husmus Media (Gothenburg), Universal Records (Philippines).

MAN LOST IN SPACE (March 2014)

Matteo Scaioli, featuring David Loom

A light and visual live featuring on the original analog music project by Matteo Scaioli

Fully designed and animated using personal handmade drawings.

Original music composed and live performed by Matteo Scaioli

Live visual design and original drawings David Loom

Promotion NekoLaboratoires™


side projects and brainstorming

“I always prefer starting from scratch in almost everything I do,

silently improving personal skills, primarily using head and hands;

so let's start compose and perform original music, make your own set design

always personally conceive every frame of your original visuals,

plan your own light design and make it happen exactly the way you want,

design and build original devices, animatronic sculptures and - of course -

always make these things work as you expect. Last but not least: leave almost nothing to chance,

because randomness is the most spread art trend and you have to acquire

a great control of your art practice to do something really personal,

always trying to be noiseless in the noise.”

[from rules/notes - David Loom, 2009]

Quadriphonic experience (August 2014)

Liquid desire (Gabriele Bombardini, Matteo Scaioli) featuring David Loom

A light and quadriphonic audio featuring for the original live music project by Liquid desire,

produced and fully live performed @ Villa Persevera, Ravenna, Italy

Original music composed and live performed by Gabriele Bombardini and Matteo Scaioli

Light design and live quadriphonic audio setup David Loom