welcome to my little world

Italiano  /  personal

the scrapbook

a small sample collection of personal scraps

done waiting for something happens

DPO (Deceptive Pet Orchestra)

heterogeneous music compositions

for a tidy disciplined pet ensamble


ideas and technologies applied to art,

handcrafted device development, promotion and project care

writings IT

personal notes written to inspire the development

of concepts and visual designs


discover the chronological docu-gallery

of selected artworks and projects

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I’m just what I have done.

Keep doing what I am.

Caleidoscopic invisibility,

it's what I today

perceive of me.

A rutilant universe

of thoughts, sounds

and moving images

lays daily in me.

Only now

I laboriously try

to bring what I am

and what I feel

to the eyes of who

I would want to move.

a synthetic biographical note

David Loom is a discreet visual artist and musician based near Bologna,

firmly focused on imagineering, synesthetic melting and genuine handcrafted technologies.

His exclusively prerogative is that he personally conceives, plots, designs, builds and manufactures

every part of his artworks. From the first preliminary sketch to the final accomplished artwork.

Ranging from music, sound, visual and light design to scenic environments manufacturing,

from full featured filmmaking practice to complex animatronic design, device construction

and technical implementation of all aspects involved in the art cration.

Since 2000 he has quietly back-worked with several theater companies, choreographers,

directors and actors, involved in production of operas, pieces and performances,

dealing with self-developed technologies applied to art, live audio and visual design,

image processing and motion compositing.

Since 2007 he started to mainly devise and create personal artworks and projects,

still working as a freelance ghost-designer, manufacturing composite visual setups,

integrating lights, sound, music, fisical motion and images projections.